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It starts with the design of a pattern and its drawing, the graphic definition of the structure of a garment in its entire fit.

From this base, all other operations organized along the garment line are then developed.




Creation of prototypes and samples

We also work on prototypes to study the initial idea of the garment and evaluate with the client whether it works in reality.

From there, going through prototype debugging, we can develop our own or third-party samples to be presented in the market by the sales network.




Fabric cutting

Great expertise and high technology for this delicate stage of production that allows us to optimize cuts and waste as little as possible, thanks to our state-of-the-art machines


Key moment in the entire production process that needs great precision and professionalism.





Quality and quantity are implicit production standards for us. In addition to mechanical and automatic packaging, there is always a dedicated manual part on the details that distinguish the various garments and finishing operations.

Based on the pattern of the garment to be made and depending on the type of fabric, the machines are setatte in order to have a quality final product that reflects the product sheet of the individual garments and also an optimization of production timelines .




Quality Control

Each garment after the packaging stage is scrupulously checked and measured for the purpose of verifying whether quality and measurements fall within the standards desired by the customer.

Anything that may have defects and does not meet established standards is eliminated.

The various quality control operations are followed internally to ascertain complete customer satisfaction.




Ironing and Packaging

Finally there is the ironing department, which takes care of the final appearance for flawless rendering of the garments produced, and packaging and labeling. At this point the collection is ready to be taken to stores and put on sale.


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